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     Global River Church is part of an epic storyline that began over 250 years ago with the Presbyterian movement in Wilmington. God is writing His own storyline through the generations from distant roots in the Presbyterian church to the Vineyard movement and on into who we are today, Global River Church! 

     In 1976, spurred on by Charismatic Renewal sweeping the nation and an underground prayer meeting, a Spirit-filled pastor was selected to lead the Myrtle Grove Presbyterian Church, Rev. Horace Hilton. He released a prophecy over the church in 1981 saying,

     “You will have to stand for what you believe. You will have to choose between the world and Me. You will have to choose what word you follow and whom you will respect and in that choice what has not been accomplished in the time of the blessing and gifts will be accomplished in a ‘baptism of fire.’ This fire will move among you individually and corporately in groups around the world.”

     Upon Rev. Hiltons retirement Pastor Steve Mattis and Rev. Jim Glassgow continued to shepherd the congregation. May 26, 1991, during a message preached bSteve Mattis on 1 Corinthians 2:4, the Holy Spirit began to move upon the people at Myrtle Grove. The response was overwhelming, people filled the alter as tears flowed. God’s presence saturated the building. Afterward, some wanted to return to the old way of Presbyterianism and others wanted to pursue freedom in the Holy Spirit!

    Coastal Community Vineyard Church was formed, led by Pastor Steve Mattis, following in the tradition of the Vineyard movement. The current Church property was purchased from the Heritage Baptist Church in 1991. As the Vineyard Church exploded through the 90’s and early 2000’s, it took a toll on the Mattis family and on December 5th, 2004 the board of elders offered the senior pastor position to, the then associate pastor, Tom Hauser. In 2005 the church began holding weekly Sunday and Wednesday Latino gatherings as well as the English services. This brought Pastors William and Nilsa Urena on to lead the Latino congregation. 

     In 2008, after the death of John Wimber, there was a shift in leadership and theology within the Vineyard movement. Having previously partnered with Randy Clark and his growing apostolic network, the board of elders voted to join with Global Awakening. Early the following year the board voted to change the name of the church to Global River Church. This comes from Ezekiel 47 where it speaks of the river of God, and where that river goes it brings life. 

from "The River Flows: a Brief History of Global River Church" by Mike Thornton

Moving Forward in Him

This is a church that has been ordained to be a gateway church for the city of Wilmington as well as the region. It is an Antioch-type church withan Antioch-type assignment. Through our past, we see who we are and who we are becoming.

Our Prayer

Help us, O' Lord, to complete these assignments. Heal every wound inflicted through our mistakes. Restore all that has been lost, and lay a new foundation for our future. Keep us in your storyline, so that we might fulfill the next chapter of this church. Raise up our children and our children's children to carry the prophetic narrative that you have entrusted this community with. Amen!

"Awesome congregation, and everyone is loved no matter color, race, ethnicity, whatever..."

Terrance Dunn

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Sunday services | 10:00am – 12:00pm | English and Spanish meet separately | Kids and Youth ministry available

Wednesday Mornings | English Intercessory Prayer | 9:00am – 10:30am | Main Sanctuary | Kids or Youth ministry NOT available

Wednesday evenings | ‘Equipping the Saints’ | 6:30pm – 8:00pm | English and Spanish meet separately | Kids and Youth ministry available

Saturday Mornings | Spanish Intercessory Prayer | 5:30am – 7:00am | Spanish Sanctuary | Kids or Youth ministry NOT available

We have separate English and Spanish services. English Service is in the main sanctuary building and Spanish service is in the Spanish sanctuary.